Monday, December 29, 2008


Remember George Bush's stimulus check? I finally applied for it on September 26, 2008, after being very ambivalent about whether I should take dirty George Bush money or not. I went back and forth about this in my mind month after month. It was a moral issue for me. I can't stand George Bush. He ruined my country after I paid such a price to stand at her side. ( I was going to give the money away when I got it).

The deadline to apply was October 15th and I finally applied with two weeks to spare so enough time for U.S. Mail to get it there.

I never got the stimulus check so I called IRS today. I wanted to get it done before 2008 expires so they could not say I was too late now. On hold for 35 minutes before someone answered the phone. I went over the whole thing. The woman told me a bullshit story. I got mad and told her to go to hell. After I cooled down some I checked on the information she told me. Well..... she was lying.

I called back later. Another 35 minutes for them to answer the phone and I spoke with someone else. He was able to actually determine what happened to my stimulus check. IRS made an error. They placed some information that I submitted with my 1040A form into the wrong place when they moved information from my form into their computer. But they will not correct their error! I need to correct their error.

I now need to go through all my 2007 stuff and 2008 stuff and re-file the whole thing again in 2009. Can you believe this?

I suppose you can. Why not. You file taxes with IRS.

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Anonymous said...

I knew I owed the gumint (IRS) about $500 so I called to get a final amount so I could send my tribute to da gumint to squander. After going through 3 IRS dirtbag insolent surley uncorporative employees who would not tell me an ammount to send and asking me all sorts of nonsence questions and hanging up on me when I said all I wanted was a figure to pay and spending an hour and a half on the phone I was stunned by the nsolence of these dirt balls. I called again and this time after waiting another 20 minutes a nice man answered and I explained my previous experiences and he asked for my social salve number and said I dont know what the problem is with the other employees but here is that ammount to pay off your bill. He even gave me the address to sent my payment, What was so hared that the 3 other dirtballs could have not answered my question?? I am in favor of working toward the national sales tax put forth by Neil Bortz but it seems difficult to gain traction. With the Bortz paln we would not have to deal with this kind of treatment by our so called servants that have become our masters.