Thursday, March 12, 2009

1944 Ford Ferguson

I have a friend here in Corvallis who restored this 1944 Ford Ferguson. He said he will sell it to me. Or anybody I suppose?

He did a complete restoration by tearing this tractor down to all it's individual parts and replacing those parts that are worn out and rebuilding all the rest.

This is a 1944 Ford Ferguson, exactly like the one my father owned where I grew up on our family farm. This is a rare tractor to find. Built during the war and all. Most American factories were converted to production of war machines back then. Planes and tanks. Guns and bombs.

I asked my family, especially my brothers if they would help me to buy this tractor and bring it to the homestead in Michigan. Well... the response was mostly silence.

Dad's old Ford Tractor is in really bad shape after all these years.. I wanted to bring this restoration back to where the original was. In order for that to happen I guess I will need to buy this restoration myself and hire somebody to transport it to the homestead in Michigan. Too costly for me alone.

Yeah. Ours once looked like this one. But look at it now. I would like to see if somebody might restore dad's old tractor some day but that probably will never happen. At least we have it under shelter finally. That white stuff on the tire is just snow..

We managed to build a pole barn on the old homestead this past summer. A wonderful addition. Sure took a long time to climb out of poverty to a place where we can do something like this. A lifetime....

Monday, March 2, 2009

2010 Camaro

This 2010 Camaro is supposed to be in Corvallis Chevy Dealer in June. I am going to wait for it before I buy a new car.

If it works out for me I am going to buy one. I drive a 16 year old car and have not been able to find something to replace it.

If General Motors and Chevy built cars like this one they wouldn't be going bankrupt. Build dependable cars that people want to buy. Just makes sense?

This is really a great car. About time you built a car like this Chevrolet!

Look this up on There are some great videos there. Just enter 2010 Camaro in the search box.