Sunday, November 2, 2008

Raiders Fan?

I borrowed this picture from the Rocky Mountain News web page a short time ago.

This is great... What a clever idea. Somebody flew a small plane over Bronco Stadium today just before the Broncos and Miami Dolphins game with this banner.

I lived in Denver before I moved to Oregon. Bronco fans dislike Oakland Raiders intensely. More than any other team in the NFL. They have a long standing rivalry and some say they even hate each other?

This is such a clever idea. I laughed out loud when I saw this story. Oh, I watched part of the game today. Broncos lost..

Here is the story from the Rocky: Yeah, it is short..

It seems there's no escape from politics this year, not even on the football field.

A plane pulling a banner saying "McCain is a Raiders Fan" flew over Invesco Field on Sunday as fans gathered for the Denver Broncos-Miami Dolphins game.

The liberal group ProgressNow hired the plane after hearing about the plans of McCain supporters to hold a "hibachi tailgate" party in one of the stadium's parking lots. They planned to hand out "Joe the Plumber" stickers and other campaign materials.

The Raiders are longtime rivals of the Denver Broncos.

Invesco Field is where Barack Obama gave his speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination during the party's national convention in August.