Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Here it is Christmas Day. Nothing much happens around my home at Christmas. When one lives alone, Santa pretty much just passes over the house on his way to homes where kids live. That is how it is supposed to be and that is good.

It is 9:15AM now, and I have a date with friends to meet for coffee at Beanery at 9:30AM. Dinner this afternoon at friend's home. It is not snowing today. Whew. I am tired of snow already.

I attended two church services last night. 7:00PM service and again at 9:00PM. It was a very peaceful way to spend Christmas Eve. Friends who are moving here from Washington state were at the late service, and that is why I stayed for the second. They have bought their new home but the closing was delayed and they cannot occupy until sometime next week.

Holiday time is probably the worst time of year to get mortgages, title companies, and real estate people to come together? So many people take off for vacation this time of year and those left in the office aren't in a mood to work hard? Then add the arctic storms that buried Salem and Portland?

Today's cartoon has nothing to do with today's subject. But this is how people sometimes feel when visiting doctors.

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