Saturday, December 6, 2008

Finished? Almost

I have come around to the idea that this blog is pretty much a failure, and I am going to severely limit entries for a while. And I might even stop blogging.

You might notice that I have deleted most of the entries that I posted here in the past ten months. I began this blog in late January 2008. It is now mid-December 2008.

This whole idea of blogging is back into decision mode.


crallspace said...

I like to read it every time I think to. I wouldn't call it a failure. You'd be surprised how many people may actually benefit somehow. I feel that way too sometime. Just update whenever you have something you want to say. I'll be listening.

Keep it up.

Edwardjon said...


I placed Sitemeter on my blog and then saw from that analysis almost nobody comes back, and most people stay only a few seconds. Most were referred from Google searches, from old posts over the past year..

That indicated to me that it is pretty much a failure.