Saturday, March 19, 2011

Iraq War Day

Today marks the eighth anniversary of the American invasion of Iraq.   We have been at war in Iraq for eight years now.   Isn't it time to end our wars and take care of our own country?  Our health care, education, social programs all suffer because we spend our national wealth on warfare.

When was the last time America was invaded?   Why do we need to be at war all the time.   Why does America spend more on weapons and our defense department than all the rest of the countries in the world combined?   Why do we have 700 military bases all over the world? We are bankrupting our children's future for no acceptable reason.

We had a gathering in Corvallis today to remember.   Here are a couple pictures I took this afternoon.

Saddam Hussein is long gone.  There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  Why are we still there?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Better and more Personal Blog?

This blog used to be better and more personal than it is now.  I used to post something to my blog every day.

I wonder if this blog has become too boring and even worth keeping at all?  It could be a lot better if I gave it more attention.  Not many people were following my blog so it seemed a waste of effort.  Please leave a comment if you might read a daily post of my life and events.  Who knows... maybe someone found me that wasn't here before.  Maybe somebody might care that I even have a blog after all this time?

I moderate comments but I allow almost all except those that might have been made by people who could have been under the influence of something.  Those kinds of comments are often inappropriate and sometimes are offensive. That is why I moderate comments.

Let me know?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tree Well Garden

My tree well garden has made a lot of progress since I first posted the spring flowers on February 14th.  This is the same garden one month later.  I took this picture this morning from  different angle than February.

I really like springtime in Oregon even though it rains and rains.   There are a few days of sunshine here and there just to give us a hint of what is coming when summer finally arrives.

Tonight we go back to daylight savings time.   I wish our government would choose one of the two time schedules and stay on one or the other.  Who really likes changing clocks twice a year anyway.   It accomplishes nothing.  There is no such thing as gaining or losing time.   It is only a political trick.