Thursday, December 11, 2008

The old Tractor

The old tractor looks pretty bad. I wonder if it can ever be restored?

Some old tractors in this kind of condition have been restored, and maybe if we can find the right person or place ours can be restored too?

This is what it looks like now after being neglected and left in the outdoors for too many years. The other picture is what it is supposed to look like and actually did look like at one time.. Back in 1944 when it was new.


crallspace said...

Cool comparison! Bet you want the one in the 2nd picture!

Edwardjon said...

That old tractor is my father's 1944 Ford Ferguson. It was his pride and joy.

He bought that tractor in 1945 when it was one year old. We family are thinking abut restoring the old timer. I sure would like to see it restored.

That other good looking tractor is a restoration.