Monday, November 16, 2009

Veterans Day 2009

I cannot take credit for this image. I found it on the internet. But the face of a war soldier has not changed much from WWI, WWII through Korea, Vietnam and now Afghanistan and Iraq. My face looked like this in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968.

I am a severely injured combat infantry soldier from my service in Vietnam.

I am a few days late posting a Veterans Day entry but I think it is an extremely important day is our lives. We must remember those who serve in our armed forces. It would be wonderful if one day there were no need for armies and conflicts, but that day sure seems a long way off.

I was invited to attend a whole school assembly at my grandchildren's Elementary School in suburban Seattle, and then to speak to each of my kids individual classes. The entire program was done so well and with such respect that I felt honored to be present. 500 elementary school children sat quietly and respectfully on the floor in the assembly hall and participated in their part of the program and respectfully observed as adults spoke their parts.

After all these years of being a Vietnam veteran I finally felt like a part of larger America again. Vietnam veterans were so hated and despised for so long that it gets absorbed as a part of our personality and we are often outside looking in.

Thank you for respectfully observing Veterans Day this year.


Anonymous said...

Hi, i was searching for World War 1 pictures for my school project and i came across your blog post. Although I am not American, i still respect all the veterans of various wars have done for our world. All the soldiers fighting in the past and present should be honored because they are doing such an honorable thing for the country they serve. I really don't know what to say but your post really struck me. It makes me sad to see how wars can be so destructive but at the same time so thankful that people like you serve their country so passionately. Veterans like you are truly amazing. God Bless You!

Edwardjon said...

Thank you for your respectful and kind comments. One never really recovers from combat, one just adjusts his life to accommodate.