Monday, November 30, 2009

The Big Game

Thursday this week is the biggest football game ever between the two Oregon PAC Ten teams. Oregon and Oregon State.

The Rose Bowl Game on January 1st generally has one of the California teams like USC or CAL to represent the West Coast in the game. This year it is Ohio State for the Big Ten and the Pac Ten part will be determined on Thursday evening right here in Oregon.

Oregon v/s Oregon State to be played in Eugene this week.

Isn't that something? Hard to believe. Oregon is some kind of backwater place where nobody even lives. The entire population of this state is very small.

Man this is wonderful for Oregon no matter which team wins the big game. Both schools have done a great job in the past several years. This game cannot be called at this time. It can go either way.

TVs in every home in Oregon will be watching football on December 3rd.

If Oregon State wins on Thursday, the Rose Bowl Game will see two teams from schools called OSU? Oregon State and Ohio State.

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