Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Car is Crashed

I brought my car into the service place last Wednesday to get the oil changed and they crashed my car. I bought the car brand new in this place 16 years ago and have brought it there for service every 3000 miles for the past sixteen years. The gas pedal got stuck they said.

Caught his foot between the brake pedal and the gas pedal. The appraiser called me yesterday and he said the car is totaled. Now I need to find money to buy another car.

Isn't it hard to believe how much damage was done? They crashed through the garage door and into the lift hoist. My poor little car is done for. I really took care of this car and kept it in great condition.

Insurance companies don't look at what the value of the car is to the owner, but just the book value of a car of the same vintage in Kelly Blue Book or something. I had 123,000 miles in this car and it had about ten years left. Maybe more.

Bad enough if I had crashed my car myself. But I was in the waiting area having a cup of coffee. I didn't even see it happen.


SuzzPix said...

Isn't the service company liable? Why doen't their insurance pay to replace the car?

Edwardjon said...

Their insurance company paid the Blue Book value of the car. Not even close to the cost of getting a new car but I didn't want to go the route of a lawsuit. So many friends told me to sue. I am not that kind of person. I even had a lawyer volunteer his services. Nope. This is a small town and I don't have time and energy to go that route. I actually did expect the dealer to be moral and honorable in the whole incident. But that wasn't to be. I must have forgotten for a moment that I was talking to a CAR DEALER.... Crap....