Thursday, December 23, 2010

Finally a new car

I waited for the 2011 Honda Element to be released before I bought a car because I wanted to compare the 2010 to the 2011 just in case there wee improvements and upgrades.

The 2011 Honda Element turned out to be even less a vehicle than the 2010 model and had only downgrades. So I bought a late 2010 model from a dealership in Wilsonville, Oregon. It has been a wonderful car so far and I am glad I bought it. Not an ideal car for a wheelchair person, but quite usable when comparing the small number of available models for people who need a two door kind of car. I am adjusting to the car and making modifications as I use the car more and more.

Honda recently announced that the Element will no longer be built after April 2011. The model is being eliminated. So I am glad I got the model and color that I wanted while still available.

I have been pretty much negligent in updating my blog lately and will try to do better in 2011.

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