Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oregon State University Lost

The Las Vegas Bowl Game was played last night. Oregon State against Brigham Young. I couldn't watch the entire game because it was too disappointing. I clicked back and forth about every ten minutes to see if it was getting better, but nope. It was a disaster all the way.

BYU cleaned our clock. It wasn't even close.

I wonder if OSU was maybe still recovering from the Oregon v/s Oregon State game of a couple weeks ago? That game was indeed a good and well played game. Oregon won that one.

University of Oregon will represent our state in the Rose Bowl Game on January 1st, since they won the game two weeks ago. I hope they play up to their potential and clobber Ohio State. Oregon has a good team and certainly has the ability beat Ohio State.

But OSU has a good team as well, and I really thought they would win the Las Vegas Bowl. They just played poorly and lost.

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