Saturday, December 26, 2009

Needle Boy

Stories like this take a long time to leave my life for some reason.
this kind of cruelty and evil are just incredible to me. I cannot imagine anybody doing something like this.

I am a volunteer in a school for special needs children for the past 16 years. I work with kids of all kinds of abilities and disabilities.

All children of the world belong to all of us. We truly are a village and it is our collective responsibility to protect children and to be outraged about things like this.
Maybe it is because this is the holiday season or something, but this seems especially heinous this time of year?

This is a picture of the boy I found on the internet and here is a clipping that accompanied the photo. The link to CBS News is below.

In this file photo, a 2-year-old boy, found with 42 needles inside his body, arrives to a hospital in Salvador, northeastern Brazil, Thursday. Roberto Carlos Magalhaes, the boy's stepfather, said Sunday in a jail cell interview that he intended to kill the boy out of spite for his wife and didn't think he would be discovered. (AP Photo/Arestides Baptista

What do you think? Perhaps the punishment for the perpetrator should be prison and 42 needles stuck into his body? Since he is a grown adult maybe he should get 84 needles stuck into his body?

Sorry that I posted about this issue two days in a row. These kinds of cruel acts stay with me for a while. I sure hope the boy recovers and is placed into a safe home where he is loved and protected.

"It was truly an unbearable suffering," said Magalhaes. "It was to get back at the boy's mother. I thought the needles would work their way through his body and kill the boy. It was a way to kill without anyone discovering." But the pain led the toddler to complain to his mother, and on Dec. 10 she took him to a hospital where X-rays revealed about 30 needles lodged throughout his body. The boy underwent a five-hour operation in the northeastern city of Salvador on Friday to remove four rusty needles that most threatened his life, near his heart and in his lungs. Doctors said Sunday the child is doing well and will likely undergo two more surgeries, the next one on Wednesday at the earliest, to extract needles up to 2 inches long from his abdomen and spine.

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Claire said...

My husband watches what he calls "horror" movies. Things like Godzilla and Jason and Freddy movies. He thinks I don't watch those movies because they scare me. I tell him I don't watch them because they are STUPID.

Things like THIS are horror. The inhuman things people do to other people much less to a child as is the case here. These are the things that scare and sicken me. That there are people out there capable of doing things like this.