Monday, September 28, 2009


I finally got a cell phone last week. It took me around twenty years to join the cell phone community.

I never really needed a cell phone, and I am not quite sure I need one even now. Everybody has a cell phone so I suppose I should have one. Now I need to get my cell phone number out there so people can call me sometimes.

I don't get many telephone calls even on my land line, so I don't expect that will change now that I have a cell. But it will be nice to have when I travel to Seattle or somewhere in case of emergency or something.

This phone has a lot of features. It can receive email and surf the web with a web browser. It even has wireless built in. Who would have ever thought that this kind of machine would even be invented. It is quite impressive.

My last post about the camera? I did finally receive a refund from the seller. He does not answer email but he did respond when I sent the entire package back to him in Connecticut. I will be more careful about buying things on line now.

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