Friday, September 11, 2009

Buy Carefully

I bought a Casio Camera like this EX Z-50 from a vendor who sells through This was to be a gift for my brother.

I had the camera sent directly to his home in another state, and when it arrived the package contained a completely different camera and is broken.

The Amazon vendor said in his ad that the camera is "like new" condition. That was a total lie.

I had my brother send the camera to me in Oregon and yesterday I sent it back to the seller. I have emailed the seller several times but they have not replied. I enclosed printed copies of all the emails inside the package.

I was under the belief that checked out the vendors who sell under the name. I was wrong. Looks like they allow anybody at all to sell through their company.

I wanted to post this on my blog to vent some frustration. I do not expect any of the money I paid to this vendor to be returned. I did ask them several times for my money but no response from them at all. They are ignoring me.

The camera should arrive back in Conneticut tomorrow or Saturday. I wonder if they will even acknowledge receiving it? I plan to keep watch on to see if they try to re-sell it to another trusting person. has an area where one can post feedback about sellers. I plan to post extremely negative feedback next week. I will give one more chance after they receive the camera to see if they might have a bit of honor.

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