Monday, August 25, 2008

Lake Superior Storm Clouds

I borrowed these two pictures from the Upper Michigan site today. This is how thunderstorms form over Lake Superior. One does not see these particular cloud formations in Oregon. These storms form almost on the ground? Not high in the sky like out here.

I really like these cloud formations. Just after these cloud join together it gets very dark and then the skies open up. That kind of storm seldom happens in this part of the country. If you are out on the lake with a boat? This means you need to get off now!

Today was a busy day. Didn't start out that way but it just formed that way. I have been gone pretty much since noon.

I went to work on some computer problems at a friend's home. Had some home made apple pie made from my favorite kind of apple, the Gravenstien. (Gravensteins are ripening this week and next week). Then Shopping at Fred Meyer. And after I got home I had a dinner appointment with some other people at Cloud 9 Restaurant. Looks like tomorrow is going to be about the same. Busy and a bunch of mixed up commitments in various parts of town.

I am tired and still have other things to catch up with today, so I'll see you tomorrow.

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