Saturday, August 9, 2008

Antique Toro

Who ever knew that Toro ever made a tractor like this one? This is like a farm tractor.

I borrowed this from the Michigan site again today. This old tractor is located at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge near Copper Harbor , Michigan. One of the most beautiful places in America.
The Oregon Steam Up was held last weekend in Brooks, Oregon, south of Salem. Man. That is one great show and display. They have such an impressive collection of antique steam powered equipment! This event happens every year during the last weekend of July and again the first weekend of August. If you like old time machinery you really need to attend next year.

The Steam Up is very impressive. So much more than I expected. Much of the old machinery is running and demonstrated for you. Who knew that there were people who valued and restored so many of these great old machines.

Some of these machines have giant flywheels and only fire their huge one piston only once per minute with a tremendous bang. That one shot keeps it going for all of the next minute. Wow. Was that ever great!

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