Thursday, April 14, 2011

Been sick

I have been sick and unable to do much for the past few weeks including updating the blog.

It is looking like this is going to take a while to recover from.  I had a type of surgery that knocked me into a place that I did not expect.  I will recover eventually, but doesn't it always feel like recovery goes on and on and on?  Two weeks after surgery I thought I would be a lot better than I actually am right now. 

I researched on line to see how others coped with this kind of thing and it varies all over the place.   But almost everybody had a more difficult time than they expected.   My doctor did not prepare me correctly.  He did not explain the consequences adequately.   But in the end I had no other options anyway, so I had to do it regardless.

I do feel incrementally better today than yesterday.   Maybe I might be on the road back finally?   Man.... I sure hope so.

I really liked Rodney Dangerfield so I borrowed his picture today.  Too bad we lost such a great comedian.

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