Monday, April 20, 2009

Swallows Are Back

Looking out my windows in the past week I see swallows flying around. A very good sign of Summer. Swallows wait until there are enough bugs around to eat before they come back to our part of the world.

The temperature for the past two days has been over 80 degrees. Wow! That is a temperature we sometimes have to wait for until July..

I have drastically cut back on posting to this blog. But thank you for those of you who keep coming back. I posted here daily for the first year but then got disillusioned for a while.

Last week I had terrible allergy problems, but this week it isn't as bad. What ever the particular tree or plant that I am allergic to must be finished blooming? Who knows. I am glad that I can now go outside.

Last week I had to stay inside a lot. I even drove out to the coast on two of those days so I could breath fresh air. Thousands of miles of ocean scrubs all the crap out of the air by the time it reaches our coast.

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