Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Road Kill?

Don't you feel like road kill sometimes? I guess all of us get run over by events in life sometimes?

Here is a clever cartoon about it. Some of these cartoon writers do better at capturing life and it's complexity than actual photos do. Maybe that is why I like cartoons.

A lot of things have happened since I last added to my blog. Maybe I might get back to weekly postings or possibly even more often than that? I got so disappointed in the success of this blog that I almost deleted the whole thing. I needed time off from posting here for a while.

I have been looking for a new car for quite a while now. Man have I looked at cars! Just about everything that might work for a guy in a wheelchair. There are so few out there.

Almost all cars nowadays are four door vehicles. The few two door coupes made now are so tiny and they have no room in back for a wheelchair. Just no room. Four door cars are not an option for me.

All the manufacturers have some great concept vehicles on their web pages. But they just don't build those particular cars. All the car companies build almost the same cars as the others do. They seem to follow each other like lemmings?

If any one of them built something slightly different they would have people flocking to their businesses. There are many of us who need a slightly different car from the masses of vehicles made by everyone. Lemmings...

Tomorrow I plan to look at maybe the last two possibles in Corvallis. Or anywhere in America in fact. Looks like nobody makes a car for me?

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