Friday, July 18, 2008

2008 Dodge Challenger

I posted this Dodge Challenger a few days ago along with the 1938 Plymouth photo that was my father's first car.

That posting gave short attention to this deserving Dodge.

This car was on the corner at Wilson Motors here in Corvallis for one week. Just this one and no more. This is a limited production car this year and we don't usually see this kind of thing in this little town. I called Wilson Motors today and this particular car was pre-sold and is now gone.

Dodge is going to make this a production car that you and I can purchase for 2009. They plan to make three versions of Challenger for 2009 he said. Mid $20's, mid $30's and somewhere in the $60,000 range.. I will go look at one if we happen to get one here in Corvallis next year. Maybe I can buy one of the mid $20's if they get more than one in stock?

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