Monday, May 26, 2008

Civil War Statue is 100 years old

I didn't manage to get these in the order I wanted, but this will have to do. This is at the Veteran's Memorial on King's Blvd and shows the table service set for Prisoners of War, and the Memorial Wall honoring the fallen, and some flags set for today's Memorial Day Observance.

Some flags at the Observation on King's Blvd.

Some of the crowd at Kings Blvd Service.

This Civil War Memorial Statue is 100 years old this year. 1908 to 2008. Some of the flags and Memorial Service setup at Crystal Lake Cemetery. A beautiful red rhododendron in full bloom way back on the right.

The Boy Scouts raised the flag at the Crystal Lake Cemetery this morning. They were so respectful and did such a fine job. One of the boys later placed a wreath to honor his father who is stationed in Iraq.

Stacked rifles at Crystal Lake Cemetery. In honor of a fallen comrade.

Another photo of the Civil War Soldier Statue at Crystal Lake Cemetery. This Statue is placed on the very site of two African American women who came to Oregon via the Oregon Trail in a wagon train, as slaves after the Civil War. Both obtained their freedom and eventually became home owners. They were mother and daughter. Both graves were reverently and honorably moved to a site nearby when the memorial was established in 1908. The graves of the women were decorated and honored at today's memorial service.

Mrs. Judy Juntunen gave the main address at the service and said among many other things, that there are a total of four African Americans buried in Crystal Lake Cemetery. Isn't that something? Only four in all these years?

Navy ROTC from OSU presented the 21 gun salute at Kings Boulevard Veteran's Memorial Service.


I attended the 10AM Memorial Day Service at Crystal Lake Cemetery, and then the 2PM Memorial Day Service at the Veteran's Memorial on Kings Boulevard. That all took just about the entire day. Each service lasted at least one and half hours. Maybe even longer.

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