Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big Moose

Wow... look at the size of this moose! How would you like to come across this guy while you are walking in the woods?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wheelchair Day with The Mayor

On August 1st, 2009 Access Benton County in cooperation with Corvallis Parks Department is hosting a "Wheelchair Ride with the Mayor" from 10AM to noon.

This will be on Saturday at the same time of day as the Corvallis Farmer's Market.

We will have a specific route mapped out, with a handout and the route identified with sidewalk chalk all along the way. Not a difficult journey and only a few blocks long. Starting and ending at Jackson Street Fountain.

Twenty wheelchairs will be available for you to borrow when riding the route. We wish to just raise awareness of disabled access in a small way with this event. Kind of a small part of a typical day in Corvallis for a person who lives in a wheelchair.

The Mayor and other officials will be present and will ride the route in a wheelchair. City Council Members, Benton County DA and others. Various agencies who provide services to the public will be on hand, in addition to Access Benton County and Corvallis Parks Department.

Benton County Parks, CoHo Housing, Benton Health Department and others will be there. We will be giving away free information about many disability issues and we will even hand out some prizes as long as they last.

Please come to watch and to hopefully participate.

A route for kids will be in the area of the Jackson Street Fountain, so there will be no need for children to go out into the street and to cross traffic. The wheelchairs will all be adult size chairs and are somewhat big for kids to safely handle on their own.